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Cologuard Testing vs Colonoscopy

There have been lots of TV and print ads about a new colon cancer screening test called Cologuard. This advertising has spurred lots of questions from my patients wondering if this colon cancer screening test was right for them. Colon cancer has over a 90% survival rate when detected in early stages, so I [...]

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New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

The American Cancer Society on Wednesday announced a change in its guidelines for colon cancer screening lowering the starting age from 50 to 45 stating that the change would save lives.  The new recommendations apply to adults who are of at average risk of the disease. Over the last 20 years since colon cancer screening [...]

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Top 10 Foods to Avoid that Cause Gas and Bloating

You know the feeling of waking up after fasting from the night before where your stomach feels fresh. You feel light as a feather as you cook your morning breakfast. But then sometimes after your first bite, it’s like a balloon just inflated in your stomach, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and bloated. No one is [...]

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